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Founded in 2023

PayUFO is a revolutionary cross-chain payment platform, established in 2023. Our mission is to enable fast and low-cost cross-chain payments, making it easier for users to transact across different blockchain networks.

The founder of PayUFO has extensive experience in the crypto payment solutions industry, having previously worked as a project manager and developer in the field.

Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) lies in the advantages PayUFO offers over other competitors. As an Exchanger, not an Exchange like Binance or Kraken, we provide a non-custodial approach, ensuring our users have full control over their digital assets.

PayUFO boasts a diverse team, comprising members and board members based in different parts of the world. Although our team is globally distributed, PayUFO is proudly based in France and registered as a micro company (auto-entrepreneur). We are committed to serving our customers with excellence and ensuring their financial freedom through secure and efficient cross-chain payments.

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There's no more the need to use centralized exchanges (CEX) anymore.

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